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Deskera ERP is IRAS approved accounting software and covers all the aspects related to GST as recommended by the IRAS.

Tax Invoice generation Blurb

Deskera Financials can generate tax invoices, simplified tax invoices and credit/debit notes with ease. Users can customize invoices with respect to their company profile.

GST Form 5 detailed and summary Blurb

You need to submit a detailed breakdown of your business transactions to the IRAS. Deskera Financials ensure that detailed Form 5 is generated with ease.

Produce IAF (IRAS audit file) Blurb

Deskera Financials generate the IAF file required for submission, in the format prescribed by the IRAS. The IAF file contains all the necessary information required by the IRAS to conduct audits of GST accounts.

Deskera ERP Statutory Compliance

Deskera ERP has been sanctioned in accordance to the e-Tax Guide: Guide on Accounting Software for Software Developers. Please click here to view the IRAS Accounting Software Register and check the Deskera listed as verified accounting software provider. User can generate tax invoices, credit/debit notes as per the guidelines set by the IRAS. Deskera Financials enable users to generate IAF file with all the essential information of purchase, supply and GL transactions required by the IRAS.

Deskera ERP ensures that your GST and tax submissions to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS)/Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD), are easy and accurate. It maintains all the tax codes for purchase and supply as prescribed by the IRAS. It allows users to check, edit and select the correct GST for every purchase and supply transaction. It guarantees that users manage their periodic audit process with the IRAS, professionally and with ease.

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