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Collaborate Better with Easy Role Based Access Controls

Easily assign and control users' roles and responsibilities in Deskera CRM

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Proactively Manage Your Users and Their Responsibilities
Managing your user doesn't have to be complicated.

You can create users and assign them with relevant roles to identify their responsibility in the company easily. Start assigning suitable roles to each user to control their access to the company's data with ease.
Build Strong Relationship among Team Members
Teamwork plays a critical factor in a company's success.

You can create as many teams in Deskera CRM as you like. Assign each user to a different group so they can kick-start their next project immediately. Building a team helps the users to work closely and strengthen their bond with each other.

With Deskera CRM, building a team is as simple as ABC.
Smooth Collaboration Between Different Departments
Continuous communication between different departments is essential to avoid communication breakdown.

Add users from different departments such as marketing, sales, and support teams to the system. Everyone can access the system simultaneously, enabling them to collaborate better with shared information.
Actively Supervise Your User's Activity
Tracking the user's activity is essential for evaluating the user's work performance and productivity.

The audit trail in Deskera CRM enables you to monitor each user's activity without fail. It provides the admin with a clearer picture of what the users are working on, current tasks, and the tasks they have completed.

Supervise the activity of each user's to ensure that they keep on top of their work productivity.
Security Within Your Grasp
Are you afraid of oversharing company's data with the rest of the team?

Rest-assured as your data are shared among the users you can trust in Deskera CRM. The admin has the authority to control the access and roles of each user.

By limiting the access given to the users, you can prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data in the system.

Take full control of your data privacy with Deskera CRM software.
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Full Control of Your User Management
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✓ Control the user's access to the system
✓ Supervise your user's activity
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✓ Shared data between different teams
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Frequently Asked Questions

How many roles are there in Deskera CRM software?
There are two roles that you can select; Admin or User.
Can I track my users' activity?
How many stages that I can create in sales pipelines?
You can add multiple stages in a single pipeline without worry.
How can I track my users' activity?
Access to the audit trail feature on the sidebar menu and you can view your user's current and past activities performed within the system.
Can I create multiple teams?
Certainly. You can create multiple teams in the system.
How many members can I add in each team?
There are no limitation to the number of members that you can add to each team.
How can I control the visibility of the company's data?
When creating a contact, you have an option to select the visibility of the con

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