Marketing Forms

Create marketing forms to easily capture customer data and gain insights into customer needs. Automate follow-up emails to nurture leads and track performance with analytics. Utilize built-in templates to quickly build branded forms and start collecting data.

Create custom forms with drag-and-drop tools, embed them on websites, and track responses in real time. Automatically capture leads, capture customer data, and build customer profiles. Add custom branding, logos and fonts. Securely store customer data and manage customer interactions. Seamlessly integrate with Deskera's marketing automation tools.

Sales teams can use forms to capture customer contact details, purchase history, and other relevant data. They can also add customized fields to the forms to capture unique customer information. By having access to this information, they can create more effective campaigns, better target potential customers, and build relationships with existing customers, providing personalized customer service and improving customer loyalty.

Automate forms to capture leads from websites and social media channels.

Create targeted forms to capture customer data for segmentation and analysis.

Automatically qualify leads by routing them to the appropriate sales personnel.

Key Features of Marketing Forms
with Deskera ERP.

Create Campaigns

Design and implement targeted marketing campaigns to reach potential customers

Analyze Performance

Track and measure the success of campaigns to identify areas for improvement

Manage Contacts

Utilize lists of contacts to distribute marketing materials and track customer interactions

Monitor ROI

Measure the return on investment from marketing activities

Generate Reports

Generate reports to identify trends and make data-driven decisions

Automate Workflows

Automate repetitive marketing tasks to save time and increase efficiency

Manage Leads

Analyze leads and prioritize them according to company objectives

Set Goals

Set goals and objectives to track progress and monitor success

Allocate Resources

Allocate resources to ensure optimal results from marketing efforts

Optimize Strategies

Optimize strategies to ensure maximum impact and successful outcomes

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Deskera Marketing Forms