Contract Manufacturing

Automate the planning, scheduling, and tracking of outsourced production with integrated tools. Easily monitor the costs and progress of contract manufacturing jobs. Gain comprehensive visibility of the entire process from supplier selection to order fulfillment.

Keep track of delivery status, cost of materials, and payment terms with ease. Monitor supplier performance and track delivery schedules to ensure timely delivery of goods. Create detailed reports on contract manufacturing operations, raw materials, and subcontracts. Gain visibility into your subcontracts and raw materials to ensure you maintain the highest standards of quality and compliance. Automate your contract manufacturing process with workflows and alerts. Easily configure contracts to ensure all parties are compliant and meet deadlines. Monitor supplier performance in real-time to identify and address any potential issues.

Reduce the amount of time it takes to manufacture products and increase the speed of production. Automate production processes to save time and resources. Leverage modern technologies to streamline contract manufacturing operations.

Key Features of Contract Manufacturing
with Deskera ERP.

Track Contract Manufacturing Processes

Gain insights into the progress of your contract manufacturing process, ensuring the timely completion of orders

Manage Contractor Relationships

Establish and maintain relationships with contractors, ensuring that they deliver quality products on time and within budget

Monitor Quality Control

Ensure that products manufactured by contractors meet the required quality standards

Optimize Manufacturing Costs

Analyze costs and identify opportunities to reduce manufacturing expenses

Automate Invoicing

Generate invoices for contractors automatically and record payments to ensure timely payments

Track Raw Materials

Monitor and track raw materials used in contract manufacturing processes

Streamline Communication

Enable efficient communication between contractors and internal teams, ensuring that all parties are informed and updated about any changes

Manage Delivery Schedules

Ensure that contractors adhere to delivery schedules, allowing for improved customer satisfaction

Monitor Production Performance

Track and monitor production performance to identify areas of improvement

Analyze Production Data

Generate comprehensive reports and analyze data to gain insights into production trends and identify areas of improvement

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Deskera Contract Manufacturing