Smart Reports

Generate comprehensive reports to analyze and track performance. Quickly identify trends and patterns to make informed decisions. Visualize data with automated charts and customize reports to meet individual need

Gain real-time insights into business performance with customizable graphical reports. Monitor sales trends, track customer purchases, and manage inventory levels with ease. Visualize data in charts, tables and maps. Utilize the data to make data-driven decisions and set goals for the future. Create reports and dashboards to keep track of key metrics, and share insights across teams. Monitor the progress of KPIs in real-time with interactive analytics and reporting.

With the Smart Reports feature, managers can easily view key performance indicators and data points, such as sales, expenses and profits, gain insights into the performance of their teams and departments, and analyze their customer and employee data, enabling them to make better decisions and take more effective actions.

Maximize the output of reports from a single source, saving time and resources. Automate report production, reducing manual effort and eliminating errors. Leverage data from multiple sources to uncover new insights quickly and accurately.

Key Features of Smart Reports
with Deskera ERP.

Generate Accurate Reports

Quickly create detailed project and financial reports for better decision-making

Automate Reporting Process

Automatically convert raw data into meaningful reports with minimal effort

Analyze Complex Data

Easily analyze and interpret large, complex datasets to uncover valuable insights

Drill Down on Trends

Analyze trends over time to identify correlations and make data-driven decisions

Generate Dashboards

Create easy-to-read dashboards to quickly visualize and track key performance metrics

Customize Reports

Customize reports with real-time data

Schedule Delivery

Schedule automated delivery of reports on a regular basis to keep stakeholders informed

Share Reports

Easily share reports with colleagues and stakeholders to ensure everyone has access to the same information

Track Performance

Monitor performance and measure success with built-in tracking and analytics tools

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Deskera Smart Reports