Forecast the future with intuitive and powerful analytics. Utilize accurate financial projections to predict key metrics and insights. Optimize strategic decisions with comprehensive forecasting capabilities.

Get a bird's eye view of financial health and identify potential risks. Learn how to identify and track trends and use that information to plan for the future. Automatically generate reports that provide detailed information on past and present performance. Leverage the power of machine learning to identify the most important data points and spot trends before they become visible. Understand the impact of external factors and make better decisions. Use the predictive analytics to create forecasts for the future and test different scenarios.

Reduce manual effort and save time by having access to automated forecasts. Automate data processing to quickly generate meaningful insights. Use real-time forecasting to anticipate customer trends and make more informed decisions

Key Features of Forecasts
with Deskera ERP.

Generate Accurate Forecasts

Utilize sophisticated forecasting algorithms to create projections and predictions

Analyze Historical Data

Visualize and analyze past data to better inform forecasting decisions

Automate Forecasting Process

Automate the forecasting process and save time by eliminating manual data entry

Monitor Business Performance

Monitor performance in real-time and make adjustments to forecasts accordingly

Create Custom Forecasts

Create custom forecasts based on specific business needs and goals

Integrate with Other Systems

Integrate with existing systems to pull in data and eliminate manual data entry

Optimize Forecasting Accuracy

Optimize accuracy by incorporating external data sources and machine learning algorithms

Share Forecasts

Share forecasts with team members and other stakeholders securely and efficiently

Track Forecasting Performance

Track forecasting performance to ensure accuracy and improve future forecasts

Generate Reports

Generate reports and visualizations to better understand the impact of forecasts on business performance

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