Build custom dashboards to quickly visualize data, analyze trends, and gain insights. Easily drag and drop data from multiple sources to create customized reports and dashboards. Monitor KPIs, track performance, and make better decisions with powerful analysis tools.

Analyze organization performance in real-time with interactive visuals. Track progress, identify opportunities, and gain clarity with customizable reports. Construct unique dashboards with drag-and-drop widgets. Connect to multiple data sources and easily blend them with visualizations. Keep up-to-date with automatic data refreshing. Automate and schedule reports for on-demand insights. Leverage the power of AI and Machine Learning for predictive analytics. Instantly generate insights and actionable reports with a few clicks.

Custom dashboards provide an easy to interpret and navigate view of the data, enabling managers to gain the insights necessary to make sound decisions quickly. They allow users to quickly identify trends and patterns in the data that could be used to inform business decisions. They also allow users to gain insights into their business operations that would otherwise be difficult to access.

Key Features of Dashboards
with Deskera ERP.

Create Effective Dashboards

Quickly create and customize dashboards to get actionable insights

Visualize Data

Represent data in the form of charts, graphs, and other visuals for meaningful analysis

Monitor Performance

Track performance metrics and get timely notifications of any changes

Share Data

Easily share data between departments, teams, and users to increase collaboration and efficiency

Automate Data Refresh

Automatically refresh data to ensure accuracy and keep up with the latest information

Customize Reports

Design custom reports to fit organization specific needs

Analyze Trends

Identify trends and gain insights into business performance

Generate Insights

Utilize powerful analytics tools to uncover insights from data

Flexible Filtering

Filter data with flexible options to quickly access desired information

Monitor Business Performance

Monitor business performance in real-time to stay informed of changes in data and trends

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