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Products or Services.

There are two types of products that can be added to our system. Tangible, physical items that have a quantifiable amount and can be tracked, such as clothes, devices, accessories and others are called Tracked products.

Non-Tracked Products are intangible items such as alteration, cleaning or set-up services. This usually involves an individual or a team providing a paid service to their customers. There is no inventory to be managed in this category.

Unlimited Products

You can add as many products and services as you want. There’s no limit to your online inventory. Import, Export, Add new products. Choose which you want to keep active and which you want to keep inactive.

Customizable Fields

Every product can be unique or the same, you decide what fields matter and what description you want for your products and services. You can do a lot with product descriptions: Add Barcodes to products, images and product descriptions. Importing products is an easy 3 step process. Get files, match headers and get them added to the system.

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