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Deskera’s Pick Pack Ship functionality.

Any business that has items stored in a warehouse (inventory) arranged by racks and aisles is likely familiar with the order fulfillment process of picking product from one place, packaging it in an area and shipping it to their customers.

This process of efficient order management is called Pick, Pack, and Ship (PPS). There are different ways of carrying out PPS but essentially once you receive an order, you locate the items you need, you bring them to a packing table(s) or a central area and you then ship it to your customers (either directly or through a service).

Not having an efficient warehouse management technique (and software) can be detrimental to your efficiency. Deskera’s PPS function is intrinsically tied to your Order Management and is the perfect companion to track and deliver orders to your customers.


Picking means choosing the right products based on the orders given to the warehouse picker that can be single or for multiple products. It’s crucial to arrange the inventory in the warehouse in an organized and neat manner. You can arrange or segregate your inventory based on different layouts, such as by aisles, shelves, bins or rows. This will help to increase the efficiency and increase the speed of the warehouse picker as they know where the inventory is being stored.


Once you are done picking the right products, you will need to pack them accordingly before you ship them out to the respective customers. Packing is entirely dependent on the dimensions of the product. Sealing them with wrap bubbles for non sharp objects and tying them with tape is highly recommended. Mixing items is often caused when disparate items are placed together.


Shipping is done through two methods depending on the size of the company. Either you ship it yourself (if you can afford it) or you ship it by tying up with a delivery partner or vendor. Some tips we have gathered to aid you in the process are printing handy labels for commonly shipped items to aid identification. Noting down the tracking id of the product and the shipping courier in one area gives you contextual information on assembling products as well as keeping your customers (and yourself) informed through proper notifications.

Deleting Orders

Users can also choose to delete orders in the Picking, Packing and Shipping List by selecting the Void button. Finally, the products are ready to be shipped to your respective customers based on the shipping address you entered in the system.

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