Never fall back on Payments again.

Keep track of where and what you’re spending on with our online billing management software.

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Accounts Payable.

Get a complete overview of your bills with the “Bill” tab. Know which bills are due for payment to steer clear of late payment fees and build effective supplier relationships by paying your bills on time.

Receiving and sending bills.

Create, edit and receive or email bills straight to or from your account – this takes paperless record-keeping to a whole new level. Access your bills any time, from anywhere, on your mobile or desktop, with everything stored on the clouds.

One document flow.

After receiving a bill, pay directly from your Deskera account. This will automatically mark your bill as “Paid” and close your bill. You don’t have to toggle between different platforms to make payment and record your bill, giving “running your business on-the-go” on Deskera a whole new meaning

Buying Tip from Deskera

You will be able to see the outstanding amount of any Bill. Indicate the Currency, Amount to be paid, and the Account used to deduct the Payment – Cash or Bank, or other Bank accounts created previously.

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