Flexibility with custom fields.

Go beyond the standard fields to add your own. Deskera’s books lets you create custom fields and more.

Found in:

Simple Custom fields creation.

Simply add a custom field under the Settings section, you may select the type of entry you want for your custom fields (e.g. text, numbers or dropdown). Before you save this new creation, make sure to assign to the module(s) where you want this custom field to be.

Usage of customized data.

With custom fields you can store arbitrary business data on customer accounts and invoices. That data can then be displayed on the invoice presented to your customer.

Report Grouping.

This additional field may deem useful when building an internal report and can be done by grouping the custom field values using a predefined list of choices in order to support grouping. Hence, when running any report, your analyst would be able to easily filter, for example, in this case, your company’s sales numbers by the salesperson that was captured in the custom fields upon invoice creation.

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