Deskera’s Chart of Accounts.

Organize your list of accounts and enjoy an overview of the money you have, the money you owe, and money spent.

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A Chart of Accounts is a consolidation of all accounts your company has identified necessary to record transactions in the General Ledger.

Create customized accounts that suit your company’s needs.

An account can be from any account types, such as Revenue, Expenses, Assets, Liabilities, or Equity. Adding a bank or cash account means that you can add any bank account or related cash account where your business makes financial transactions.

Stay Organized.

Regardless of what account type you have, you can easily organize them by classifying them with the “Type” feature. Likewise, easily search for your accounts with the built-in search bar. Do you realize you’ve got an account that isn’t very active, or not in use anymore? Simply deactivate it, rather than delete it, for recording purposes.

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