Designed to make Accounting easy for you.

Confident accounting with our streamlined processes, increased efficiency and accurate reporting.

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Help your business grow.

Better understand your business’ financial health and accurately assess your business’ position. Pinpoint areas that can be easily fixed/managed to improve growth and profitability.

Detect errors easily.

To err is human. Get prompted when certain data is omitted, easily reverse incorrect data entry and amend wrongly applied principles and commissions. Reconcile periodically to prevent mistakes

Get organised and updated.

Comprehend what is happening whenever you want. Create, view and manage all the financial data you need such as Chart of Accounts, Journal Entry, Opening Balances, Debit Notes, Credit Notes, Expenses and Deposits.

Debit and Credit notes!

Our system is flexible enough for you to create debit and credit notes with customizable fields so all your needs are covered.

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Pricing Plans

All our plans are designed to help you run your business efficiently.