No Longer a Science Fiction, See How AI is Changing Business Reality


Real-time financial insights at your fingertips

Instant access to real-time financial data, empowering informed decisions and financial control.

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AI for Instant Financial Insights

Get real-time updates on P&L, balance sheet, cash flow, outstanding, and much more by chatting with your AI.

AI-enabled Growth Insights

Tap into AI's historical data analysis for valuable insights into your business's growth.

Get AI Access Anywhere

Your business, your way, accessible on phone and web, ensuring you're at the helm wherever you may roam.


Your inventory's greatest ally: Know everything, manage anything

Experience the future of inventory management with AI, offering unrivaled insights, predictive capabilities, and superior control for your business.

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Real-time Inventory Insights on the Go

Gain real-time inventory about finished goods and raw material availability. Ensure you never run out of essential stock, avoiding disruptions.

Compare Historical Inventory Data

Instantly access the list of products currently in stock. Optimize restocking decisions and maintain a lean, cost-efficient inventory.

Track and Analyze Inventory Trends

Discover your most profitable products by gross margin. Focus on what drives revenue, enhancing profitability in your inventory strategy.


Sharper forecasts, smarter decisions

Leverage AI for precise inventory and financial forecasting, minimizing costs, optimizing resources, and driving informed, strategic growth.

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AI for Production Forecasting

Employ AI on the move for accurate production forecasting and planning, streamlining operations for optimal efficiency and resource allocation.

Know Your Upcoming Demand

Optimize stock levels, minimize waste, and streamline supply chains with precise inventory forecasts based on historical data, demand patterns.

Plan your Purchase

Utilize AI-powered insights to optimize your purchasing strategy and enhance efficiency in procurement planning for smarter business decisions.


Seamless transactions achieved effortlessly

Experience the future of transactions with AI. Seamlessly create and manage transactions to unlock speed, accuracy, and success in your business operations.

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Creating Transactions

Ask AI to create bills and invoices effortlessly, streamlining your financial processes and ensuring accuracy with AI-powered automation.

Updating Transactions

Updating invoices is simpler than ever, ensuring accuracy and reducing errors with AI-powered automation and precision.

Trusted Data Entry Partner

Initiate ERP transactions effortlessly on the move using your AI-powered mobile app's capabilities.


Get Top-Notch AI Support for all things Deskera!

Meet 'David,' our AI assistant, your one-stop FAQ resource, covering every Deskera aspect. Instant answers are just a click away!

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Your Import Assistant

Our AI assistant, David, helps you perform data import tasks without having to go through manual mapping, correcting, and reimporting tasks.

24/7 Instant Support

Our AI assistant is available 24/7, delivering instant responses to user queries, ensuring timely assistance without the constraints of business hours.

Dynamic Learning & Updating

With every interaction, our AI assistant enhances its ability to provide increasingly accurate responses, continuously updating its knowledge base.

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