Financial Year Closing

Configure custom financial period closing to ensure accurate accounting and financial record keeping. Automatically generate financial statements for the desired period with a click of a button.

Create custom financial periods that meet the organization's unique requirements. Automatically generate financial statements such as balance sheets and income statements accurately. Accurately close books at the end of the period with minimal effort.

Finance teams can close financial periods quickly and accurately, which is especially beneficial for multi-currency businesses. They can define their own custom financial period closing rules, such as when to close a financial period, how it should be closed, and what information should be included in the closing process, and easily review the financial information of their business and ensure that all the necessary closing steps have been completed.

Streamline Financial Period Closing

Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Improve Visibility into Financial Performance

Maximize Cost Savings

Reduce the amount of effort and time required to complete the financial closing process. Automate the reconciliation of accounts and simplify complex tasks. Ensure accuracy in financial reporting.

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Key Features of Financial Year Closing
with Deskera ERP.

Set Up Custom Financial Period Closing
Define the parameters and frequency of your financial period closing
Configure Financial Period Closing Rules
Assign the applicable accounting rules to your financial period closing
Review Financial Period Closing Entries
Ensure that all entries are accurate and up to date
Generate Closing Journal Entries
Automatically generate closing journal entries at the end of each financial period
Automate Closing Processes
Streamline all closing processes and save time
Create Closing Reports
Generate detailed reports on the financial period closing
Monitor Closing Progress
Track the progress of your financial period closing in real-time
Reconcile Closing Balances
Reconcile all closing balances to ensure accuracy
Audit Closing Procedures
Audit all closing procedures to ensure compliance with regulations
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Deskera Financial Year Closing