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Go Digital with Online Invoicing and Receipts

It's time to embrace digital receipts more than ever. Send great-looking invoices with the attached payment link using email with just a click of a button.
Your customers can make online payments faster, without hassle.
Transform your business bottom line with digital receipts using Deskera Books.

Skip Paper Receipts

Paper receipts are costly, time-consuming, and not environmentally friendly. It's time to ditch paper receipts and switch to digital receipts.
Manage your digital receipts efficiently on Deskera Books' cloud. Skip the worry of losing your receipts as its always there on cloud 24/7.
Digital receipts are your best friend that is always there for you.

Speedy Check-out Process with Stripe, Paypal, and Veem Integration

Feeling stressed-out with the long queue of customers waiting to make payment and collecting their receipts?
Move the crowd from the physical store to online. You can encourage your customers to make payments and collect receipts online using Stripe, PayPal, and Veem integration in Deskera Books.
Say yes to a shorter queue and more breathing space.

Save Time with Automation

Skip the hassle of searching for the customer's invoice, printing out the invoice, and sending payment receipts using snail mail.
With the automation in Deskera Books, you can generate and send an online invoice to customers. Receipts are auto-populated based on the data recorded in the system.
Improve your work productivity with your extra time.

Flexibility at Your Fingertips

The old soul usually shies away from online payment and digital receipts.
With Deskera Books, your customers have the option to make the payment offline. Easily collect payment and print out receipts manually for your non-tech savvy customers.
Improve your payment collections using the various mode of payments available in Deskera Books.

Embracing Digital Receipts for Your Business

Send email invoices
Attach online payment links using Stripe, Veem, and PayPal
Automatic update when customers make payments
Access to digital receipts
Record both online and offline payment easily
Print payment receipts when needed
Customize receipt templates

Improve Your Productivity

You can save 200+ hours annually by switching to Deskera. Sign up today to see the difference.


Can I print the receipts in Deskera Books?

Absolutely. You can print out the receipts after the customers have paid up.

How can I generate receipts in Deskera Books?

Go to the respective invoice. Follow the steps here:
  • Click on the "Get Paid" button
  • Indicate the payment amount, the bank account, and select the payment type
  • Click Next
  • Verify the payment details and click Receive
  • Click Print

How can I send the Stripe payment link to my customers? How can I generate the receipts from Stripe?

Follow the steps mentioned here to send the Stripe payment link and generate receipt from Stripe:
  • Go to Bank Module on the sidebar menu
  • Click on the contextual menu for the respective bank
  • Select connect Stripe button
  • After a successful connection with Stripe, go to the invoice document and select the Email button
  • In the email, tick the checkbox to insert the Stripe payment link
  • Once your customer receives the email, they can click on the attached payment link. To proceed with the payment, click on the Pay Invoice button
  • Click on the download receipt button to save the receipt in PDF format after the payment
  • In Deskera Books, the system will automatically mark the invoice as fully paid

Why is the Stripe payment link not showing when sending the email

You need to connect your bank account to Stripe first before inserting the Stripe payment link when sending an email invoice to your customers.

Do I need to update the invoice right after customer made full payment via Stripe?

No. There is no need for you to update the invoice manually once the payment is done via Stripe. The system will automatically capture the payment record in the invoice.

Can I customize the receipts?

Sure. You can create the receipts template that's relevant to your company.

Can I upload my receipt templates?

You will have to download the default receipt template from Deskera Books.
Our system only recognizes the template from our system. Once you have downloaded the default receipt template, you can customize it.
Take note that you will have to use the system fields, as shown in the template, for the system to auto-populate the data.

Where can I upload my newly customized receipt template?

Go to Setting on the sidebar menu. Select Document Designer.
You can upload your receipt under the payment section. Click on the Add Template button. Indicate the template name and click on the upload template button.