Bill of Quantities

Generate detailed Bill of Quantities for projects with ease. Quickly create itemized lists of materials, labor and services required for a job. Accurately set project scope and costs with precise breakups.

Set up multiple suppliers for each material to compare quotes for the best pricing. Track and monitor all changes to the project cost. Automatically calculate project cost from the approved bill of quantities. Generate detailed reports with all the costs and materials used for a project. Create and manage multiple bills of quantities for multiple projects. Easily create and manage rate contracts with suppliers, so that you get the best deal.

Project managers can use this feature to create a comprehensive budget for their project and track the progress of expenses against the allocated budget. They can quickly and easily compare different quotes from vendors to ensure they are getting the best value for their money, and generate accurate estimates of the cost of future projects.

Improve Bidding Process

Automate Material Cost Estimation

Reduce Administrative Overhead

Improve Purchasing Efficiency

Ensure all bids are easily accessible, organized and tracked. Provide clear visibility into the timeline and status of each bid. Make it easy to compare bids to select the best option.

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Key Features of Bill of Quantities
with Deskera ERP.

Generate Bill of Quantities
Create a detailed bill of quantities for each job with accurate item and cost information
Track Cost Estimates
Monitor cost estimates created for projects and track progress against budget
Manage Materials
Manage and organize materials used for each job to ensure accurate costing
Automate Invoicing
Generate invoices for projects automatically to streamline billing processes
Monitor Variations
Track and monitor variation orders and changes to ensure accurate cost tracking
Assign Responsibilities
Assign responsibilities for each job to ensure tasks are completed in a timely manner
Generate Reports
Generate reports to analyze cost estimates, bills of quantities, and invoices
Compare Prices
Compare prices of materials and services to ensure best value for money
Track Spending
Track spending against budget to identify areas of savings and cost overruns
Document Workflows
Document workflows to manage and streamline processes for bill of quantities
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Deskera Bill of Quantities