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Intelligent System for Faster Hiring

Track and access all your job applications in one place. Design custom hiring workflows for your job roles and collaborate with your team.

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Get All Job Applicants at One Place
Maintain a database of all applicants to follow up and build relationships. Capture a well-rounded profile of the applicant with custom fields.

No need to coordinate with your team over countless emails. Access the information about all applicants on a simple screen. Know the exact status of any applicant.

Search the desired applicants using filters. Cut down on your time spent searching for information. You can also export applicants data in a CSV or Excel file and share it with your team.
Make Customized Job Applications
Make job form questions using custom fields and test applicants based on your suitability. Share the job on email, social media or other channels.

Once the applicant fills up the form, they are automatically added to the applicants’ database and assigned to the correct stage in the job pipeline. So, the whole hiring team is on the same page.
Design Hiring Workflow the Way You Want
Define your hiring workflow to know the exact application status and quickly review your hiring team’s progress.

Create various stages in the hiring workflow such as “screening”, “interviewed”, etc. and move candidates in the job pipeline through simple drag and drop.

You can create multiple job pipelines for different interview processes assigned to different job roles.
Analyse Applicants’ Interest
Create job forms and analyse visitors of each of them. Deskera gives you an easy way to determine how many people saw your job opportunity.

Deskera tracks people who have shown interest or have clicked on the form to improve your job listings. It helps you to analyse the applicants better.
Satisfaction. Delivered
Satisfaction. Delivered
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Smooth Hiring and Applicant Tracking
✓ Maintain all applicants at one place
✓ Create customized job applications with custom questions
✓ Track applicant insights, clicks and visits
✓ Design customized hiring workflow
✓ Import or Export applicants’ data in bulk
✓ Quickly find & access candidate’s data using advanced filters
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the limit to the number of applicants that I can store?
No limits. You can keep all your applicants in one place.
Can applicants upload files such as resumes?
Can applicants upload files such as resumes?
Can I access it on my mobile device?
Yes, you can get most of the Deskera People features in the mobile app, and we keep on adding new ones.
Can I add stages in the hiring process?
Yes, you can design it the way you want. And move candidates with just a drag and drop.

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