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Sometimes you or your team needs some time off. A health, vacation or consolation day needs to be recorded for payroll and to ensure you have the staff on duty to get a job done. We make leave and attendance easy, so you can focus on your business.

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Default Leave Policy - Be Ready From the Get-Go

Preset with mandatory employment leave types for Singapore with more countries rolling in, leave the hassle of setting up what is necessary to our system. We handle all of the Ministry of Manpower's statutory leave requisites (childcare leave, annual leave, maternity leave, etc.).

Suppose you want to edit the leave policies because you want to offer your employees more than the minimum requirement. In that case, Deskera enables you to change them wherever necessary with multiple options for you to choose from the form available.

Create Custom Leave Policies

One leave policy does not suit all organization's needs, which is why Deskera allows you to create as many policies in the system as you require.

You can set up your leave policy with carry forward, change accruals based on the period, enable leave policy only for certain people in the company, use Year of Service based entitlement, or even create a unique policy for every employee.

The custom leave policies can also be identified by different colors, assigned to group them as one type of leave policies.

Get All Essential Details at a Glance on your Dashboard

Get your up-to-date and relevant data regarding your requests and applications all on one screen. The clean Dashboard depicts a calendar that displays the dates of the upcoming holiday and leaves applied. It also illustrates the leave trends in terms of months in a graphical interface from which you can gather insights.

From the manager's point of view, a leave request can be accepted or rejected straight from the Dashboard with a click of a button.

From an employee's point of view, all the leave types assigned to you will be displayed along with the amount of leave taken, leave earned, and the current balance.

Simplified Approval Workflow

Need to keep the right people informed? No problem. You don't need to worry about whether a manager receives an employee's request, with automated notifications in the system, which ensures no request goes unanswered or unseen. Once the employee submits a leave request, managers can approve it instantly with a click of a button straight from the Dashboard. They can even add an explanation in case the application was denied or needs modifications.

Efficient User Management with Teams

With the creation of teams, you can map a group of employees with a manager. While setting up an approval might be difficult and complex here, it is as simple as setting up the manager for the team created, and you are good to go. With all the employees added in the system by default put into the "Default Team," it makes life simpler if you just want one person to approve all the leaves.

Create Custom Calendars and Work Week

You can quickly create your very own custom calendar with the holidays assigned based on the geographical region and the company's requirements. It only requires a couple of clicks to add your holidays, and once you save, it will reflect on the Dashboard and the company calendar.

You can also set up your company's default work week to help make our leave application process smoother.

Leave Application is a Breeze

You can put down your calculator. How many leaves do I have?" is a common question every time you apply for a leave. With Deskera, you can sit back and see all the leave types assigned and their balances right in your Dashboard.

Apart from the Dashboard, you can also view the accurate leave balances in the leave application screen, which makes it handy for you to discern your leave details.

Adjust Your Leaves With Ease

You ever wondered how difficult it would be to correct a mistake in leave allocation? Deskera allows adjusting the leaves of the employees in a single step. With a simple interface, it's easy to either add or subtract the value for a specific leave type and capture the details of the adjustment to avoid confusion at a later time.

The adjustments can also be made via the leave entitlement screen of each employee with the details of the change recorded.

Automation to the Rescue

Our Leave module will be able to take care of allocating accruals, carry-forwards, and all the other complicated calculations that your leave policy generates to your employees at certain intervals.

You can set up your employees to automatically have an increase in their accruals once they hit a certain number of months/years of service with your company.

Are you allowing carry-forwards at the start of a new anniversary/calendar year? Or maybe your users are receiving their full balance again? Our system can accommodate multiple scenarios.

Employee Self Service is a Pleasure.

As an employee, your life is made very simple by displaying all your actionable tasks and pertinent information on your Dashboard. The process of leave application is pretty straightforward as the leave types assigned to you are visible in the Dashboard, and based on the same, you can apply with a single click.

The status of your requests will also be visible in the Dashboard so that you can re-apply your leaves or follow up with your manager for rejected leaves.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to view and edit my time off/leave applications?
You can view and edit your time off/leave requests either from your dashboard or within applications section in the left hand side navigation bar. The application can only be edited if no action has been taken from the manager at that point in time.
How you are notified if a time off/leave application has been approved or denied?
You are notified in your personal dashboard and within applications section in the left hand side navigation bar. For a denial the manager will also attach a note explaining why it was not approved.
Who receives time off/ leave requests in Deskera People/HRIS?
The managers of the respective team members will receive the time off / leave requests in the system. You can assign the appropriate people as managers for their teams from the settings menu.
Can I edit a Time Off / leave application?
Yes, you can assign the appropriate people as managers for their teams from the settings menu.
Where will time off / leave requests go if someone’s manager is in a separate organization?
As long as the manager is a registered user in your Deskera Organization they can approve the time off / leave request.

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