Simplify inventory management with Dropship. Streamline the logistics process and reduce costs by integrating suppliers directly into your order fulfillment system. Automatically create and send purchase orders to suppliers and receive real-time updates on orders and shipments

Utilize the dropshipping feature to easily find and order products from suppliers, manage stock levels, and automatically send orders to customers. Automate the process of listing, tracking, and updating the status of orders. Enjoy the convenience of tracking stock levels and inventory in real-time. Streamline the entire order process with automated order confirmations, shipping notifications, and payment processing. Save time and money by automatically calculating shipping costs and taxes, with integrated payment options. Take advantage of the powerful analytics dashboard to gain insight into your sales performance. Eliminate the need for manual data entry with automated order processing and inventory updates. Keep customers informed with automated notifications and status updates

Automate Dropship Process

Reduce Costs

Increase Visibility

Improve Customer Experience

Eliminate manual errors, save time and reduce operational costs by automating the entire dropship process. Automatically create and manage purchase orders, manage inventory, track and trace shipments and more.

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Key Features of Dropship
with Deskera ERP.

Automate Dropship Processes
Easily track orders, inventory, and pricing for dropship orders
Connect with Suppliers
Create connections with suppliers to quickly fulfill dropship orders
Generate Dropship Reports
Generate comprehensive reports on dropship orders and inventory
Monitor Dropship Performance
Track suppliers' performance on dropship orders with key performance indicators
Manage Dropship Inventory
Manage inventory for dropship orders and ensure accurate stock levels
Automate Shipping
Automate the shipping process for dropship orders with automated ordering
Track Dropship Orders
Track dropship orders in real time with a centralized system
Manage Dropship Pricing
Set and manage pricing for dropship orders with ease
Monitor Returns
Monitor returns on dropship orders and take corrective actions
Analyze Dropship Data
Analyze dropship data to identify trends and make informed decisions
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