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In the post covid 19 world, e-Commerce is among the most attractive options for anyone who wants to start a retail business. Whether you are a solopreneur baker limited to a single city or a trader selling mass-produced niche products worldwide, e-commerce is the way to go.

At Deskera, We understand that while starting an e-commerce business offers multiple benefits like low overheads, less capital investment, and limited risk but it has its challenges like

 • Offsite inventory and distribution
 • Sales tax compliances
 • Integration with selling platforms
 • Managing multiple vendors

But Investing in the right software to run your business, however big or small, is key to enjoying the flexibility that the e-commerce industry offers. Deskera understands the e-commerce pain points and offers solutions that will help you run your e-commerce business better.

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Integration with e-Commerce Portal
One major challenge for an e-Commerce shop owner is to integrate their eCommerce website with their accounting system.

eCommerce Shop owners can integrate their e-Commerce website with Deskera Books, allowing them to get real-time visibility of the number of orders they receive daily. Our 2-way integration keeps the stock availability updated on the eCommerce website.

Sync your orders received on your eCommerce website directly into Deskera Books and generate invoices instantly. The payments also get reflected immediately, which helps keep your financial statements updated at all times.

Automate Inventory Tracking Across Warehouses
Deskera understands whether you have a single warehouse or multiple warehouses across locations- Tracking inventory is the biggest challenge a distribution business faces.

You can track stock and inventory along with the warehouse location with Deskera Books. You can define product attributes like color, size, brand, etc as per your segment's need. Track reorder levels, serials & batches for your SKUs.

You can also add product images and barcodes to quickly scan the products in transactions and generate invoices & orders.

Maintain multiple warehouses and get instant reports on stock levels in each of the warehouses.

Real-Time Stock Visibility
e-Commerce shop owners have a tough task updating stock or inventory availability on their website regularly as orders keep getting routinely fulfilled.

Deskera Books allows you to integrate your inventory on a real-time basis with your e-Commerce website, ensuring all stocks are updated instantly.

Manage and Reconcile Order Returns
As an eCommerce business, you often need to manage the return requests coming from your customers.

It becomes a challenging task to track and reconcile financial transactions associated with the returns cycle with multiple customers and orders.

Ecommerce sellers can integrate the returns process with Deskera Books, thereby keeping the accounts up to date. You can track Invoices against which stock was returned using our sales return report and also track if the replaced goods were dispatched timely or not.

The inventory updates itself whenever you create a returns transaction.

Stock Creation & Integration
You can import all your product masters from an excel file using our bulk import tool. Our integration capabilities ensure your eCommerce website is also able to list these products instantly.

Any changes made in existing products reflect on your website, which reduces redundancies and manual errors.

Sync Your Orders
Sync all orders you get on your eCommerce website directly into Deskera Books. This keeps your books of accounts updated at all times. Your orders reflect instantly and the invoices get generated and uploaded on your eCommerce website directly as well.

Your customers are then able to fetch real-time updates from your website about their orders and download a copy of the invoice themselves.

Easy Online Accounting
You focus on orders, invoices, receipts, payments and selling your products online while Deskera takes care of all the accounting needed for compliance and reporting.

We do the heavy lifting behind the scenes so you can focus on running your business.

Global Tax Compliance
Deskera offers a taxation compliant solution that allows you to generate tax-compliant invoices and quickly prepare taxation returns at the end of each taxation cycle.

The returns are in a ready to consume format, which means you can utilize them to file them on the Govt Portals directly.

Easy Adjustment of Invoices & Bills
Easily adjust your invoices and bills when needed with credit and debit notes.

Create credit and debit notes when necessary for your customers and suppliers. Apply credit and debit notes against invoices and bills in one click to knock off outstanding amounts.

All the accounting entries are made automatically so you can focus on your business.

Real-Time Reports
Know the financial health of your organization by being updated with real-time accounting and inventory reports. Access balance sheet, P&L statement, purchase & sales-related reports with advanced filters. These advanced filters allow you to fetch cost center wise, region-wise, or sales team-wise performance reports with the help of custom fields.

Access these reports on the mobile app while on the go at the touch of a button.

Satisfaction. Delivered
Satisfaction. Delivered

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