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Deskera For Cafes and Restaurant

Statistics say that 7 out of 10 restaurants close after 3-5 years in business. Restaurants and cafes are a tough business to survive, and there are multiple reasons like location, competition, high staff turnover rates. Some of the biggest failures are attributed to incorrect pricing, lack of availability, an understanding of accurate numbers, and inadequate profit margins.

Shopify Seller
Monitor your Sales performance.

Push order and customer data directly to your business system from Shopify, with no manual effort.

Run your franchise with peace of mind

We get that you will have to deal with all the tedious administrative work - leave that to us.

Small Business Software for e-commerce

In the post covid 19 world, e-Commerce is among the most attractive options for anyone who wants to start a retail business. Whether you are a solopreneur baker limited to a single city or a trader selling mass-produced niche products worldwide, e-commerce is the way to go.

Creative Agencies
Small Business Software for Creative Agencies

Creative agency of all types- Event, Advertising, Media, PR, or Digital work with multiple clients and projects at any given point

Streamline your business with Deskera.

We get that you will have to deal with all the tedious administrative work - leave that to us.

Travel Tourism
Small Business Software for Travel and Tourism

Keep track of inventory, receive payment on time with online invoicing and organise your business with easy-to-use online accounting software

IT Resellers
Small Business Software for IT Resellers

IT Hardware and Software resellers across the world deal with multiple challenges to manage their business on a day to day basis.

Small business software for retailers

The primary revenue source for retail business is supplying products to end customers, meeting their rising and changing demands.

Regional Business
Crafted for regional small businesses.

Gain accurate insights and overcome your financial needs even when you expand your small business overseas.

Boost your business efficiency.

Running a startup is not easy, there are many things that need your attention all the time. We make it easier with our all-in-one software to improve the way you run your startup.

Wholesale Trading
Small Business Software for Wholesale Trader

Growing distribution businesses are often unable to scale due to manual systems or Software solutions not equipped to handle the complex needs

Information Technology
The best in information technology accounting.

Spend less time on the mundane admin activities and focus more on innovating.

Healthcare Technology
Smart accounting software for healthcare.

We let you focus on providing quality healthcare by automating all the mundane admin matters that might get in the way.

Satisfaction. Delivered
Satisfaction. Delivered
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