Row, Rack, Bin

Organize warehouse stock with Row, Rack, Bin. Easily assign inventory to specific storage locations, view the exact location of every item in the warehouse, and track and monitor stock levels at a glance.

Utilize powerful tools to label and track inventory, including row and rack labeling and auto-generated bin numbers. Create bins and assign products to them with a few clicks. Assign multiple products to a single bin. Organize items within bins and assign shelf life expiration dates. Search and filter items stored in bins and keep track of stock levels. Reorder stock levels automatically when they reach a predetermined threshold. Manage multiple warehouses from one centralized system.

Facilitate Organization of Warehouse Resources

Maximize Storage Capacity

Streamline Inventory Management

Enhance Shipping Efficiency

Ensure all warehouse resources are organized in an efficient manner.

Improve visibility of resources to ensure accurate inventory control.

Streamline warehouse operations with efficient organization.

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Key Features of Row, Rack, Bin
with Deskera ERP.

Create Row
Specify the number of rows in the warehouse and name each row
Assign Rack
Assign racks to a specific row to start building the warehouse
Label Bins
Label bins within the racks to identify their contents
Track Stock
Track stock levels within each bin in real-time
Monitor Usage
Monitor bin usage and receive alerts for low stock
Automate Replenishment
Automate replenishment of stock in each bin
Reorder Points
Set reorder points to ensure the right level of stock
Analyze Data
Analyze data and generate reports on stock levels
Reassign Bins
Reassign bins within the warehouse as needed
Optimize Layouts
Optimize warehouse layout to maximize efficiency
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Deskera Row, Rack, Bin