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Compile all your business data into a single report. Select which data points to include and how they should display.

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Never miss an insight. Capture every detail with Deskera’s dashboard report builder:
Choose from multiple graphs and charts
Get a visual representation of what’s happening in your business. Use Pie Charts, Circle Graphs, Bar Charts, Histograms, and much more. Select the data categories you want to display.
Generate reports for yourself and clients
Easily select the data—from different departments, categories, dashboards, and more—you want to see in a report. Instantly see what a report looks like so you can make adjustments as you go. View and update your reports at any time.
Gain insights from all data sources across your business
Deskera is an all-in-one business tool. When you run your business on Deskera, it’s easy to automatically pull data from every side of your business into a single holistic report. See the whole picture with Deskera Reports.
Automate regular reporting
Create one-off reports or recurring ones. Receive regular updates about how your business is growing and changing.
Easily share reports
There are many ways to share Deskera reports with others: save, print, download, email, and even create a designated link. However you choose to share your insights, Deskera makes it easy.
Create your own dashboards
Generate unlimited dashboards. View your business—and the businesses of your clients—from every angle. Use Deskera’s dashboard report builder today to gain new insights or show off the latest results.
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Satisfaction. Delivered
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✓ Highlight the most important aspects of your business or latest campaign
✓ Start from a template or from scratch
✓ Select and deselect data points to change what shows up in each report
✓ Use multiple graph styles to present information from multiple angles,
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