Payment Milestones

Create payment milestones to streamline accounts payable, set custom payments with specific dates and amounts, ensure timely payments by setting reminders and notifications.

Create detailed payment milestones for each project or service to keep an eye on progress and payment stages. Keep track of overdue payments, payment milestones, and invoices to ensure that all payments are completed on time. Set up automated emails to be sent out to customers when payments are due. Monitor the progress of each payment and receive notifications when payments are complete.

Project managers can create milestones, set payment terms and conditions, and define payment schedules. This helps ensure that payments are made on time and as per agreed terms.

Automate payment milestones to ensure timely payments and reduce paper trails.

Track payments and ensure compliance with a centralized system.

Create customized payment schedules.

Key Features of Payment Milestones
with Deskera ERP.

Set Payment Milestones

Establish payment milestones that accurately reflect the stages of a project in order to ensure timely payments and successful project completion

Track Milestones

Track and monitor payment milestones to ensure all necessary payments are made on time

Automate Payments

Automatically generate payments to vendors and contractors based on predetermined milestones

Monitor Payment Status

Monitor the status of payments to ensure all necessary payments are made on time

Generate Reports

Generate reports that provide an overview of payment milestones and their associated statuses

Establish Payment Schedules

Establish payment schedules for each milestone in order to ensure timely payments are made

Streamline Payments

Streamline payments by automating the process of sending payments to vendors and contractors

Manage Payment Records

Manage payment records for each milestone to ensure accuracy and timely payments

Track Expenses

Track expenses associated with each payment milestone to ensure budget compliance

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Deskera Payment Milestones