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Manage the entire RFQ lifecycle in one location, from creating and distributing RFQs to vendor selection and purchase order creation. Create RFQs and send them to the right vendors, track response times and analyze vendor quotations. Compare quotations side by side and make informed decisions. Track vendor performance, understand the vendors' strengths and weaknesses. Handle multiple currencies and make sure the chosen vendor is paid on time.

The RFQs feature allows finance teams to create and send requests for quotations to vendors, with the ability to customize fields, such as pricing and delivery terms, to ensure that vendors are submitting offers that meet their specific requirements. The vendor quotations feature allows finance teams to compare different vendor offers and select the best one for their needs. This also allows finance teams to track the status of each quotation and keep a record of those that have been approved and those that have been rejected, providing finance teams with greater control over their sourcing process and ensuring they are getting the best deals available.

Automate and simplify the process of selecting vendors for goods and services.

Quickly search for and compare multiple vendor quotes to identify the best option.

Reduce the time and effort required to identify the best supplier.

Key Features of RFQs and Vendor Quotations
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Deskera RFQs and Vendor Quotations