Purchase Requisitions

Automate your purchasing process with Requisitions. Easily create, submit, track, and approve purchase requests from a single, centralized location. Gain visibility into spending and improve reporting accuracy.

Create and monitor requisitions, add attachments, and track the status of each requisition. Easily view the requisition history, including approved, rejected, cancelled and pending requisitions. Automatically generate purchase orders from approved requisitions, and link them to the relevant supplier. Notify requesters, approvers and suppliers of any changes in requisition status. Assign restrictions and limits on requisition values and approvals. Quickly search and filter requisitions by requester, budget and other criteria. Synchronize requisition data with other ERP modules to ensure accuracy and consistency. Create custom reports to gain valuable insights into requisitions.

Automate your request process and save time.

Track and monitor requisitions to see where they are in their respective stages.

Create an organized and efficient way to manage purchasing.

Key Features of Purchase Requisitions
with Deskera ERP.

Create Requisition

Quickly create requisitions for purchasing items

Manage Requisition

Monitor and manage requisitions from creation to fulfillment

Track Requisition Progress

Follow the progress of requisitions in real time

Automate Requisition Approvals

Streamline requisition approvals with automated workflows

Reorder Requisitions

Reorder requisitions to ensure inventory is replenished

Analyze Requisition Data

Correlate requisition data to gain insights into buying patterns

Generate Reports

Generate reports to track requisition status, costs, and trends

Set Budget Limits

Set budget limits to control spending on requisitions

Monitor Budgets

Monitor budget performance and adjust limits as needed

Manage Suppliers

Manage supplier data and create supplier contracts

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Deskera Purchase Requisitions