Easy-to-use accounting software for small business owners, bookkeepers and accountants.

Automate the generation of purchase orders with customizable templates. Monitor and track supplier invoices and their payment status. Track all inventory levels in real-time. Easily configure workflow processes for purchase orders. Create multiple warehouses and assign different products to each warehouse. Get accurate and timely notifications of any delays with deliveries. Generate useful reports to make informed decisions.

Finance teams can create and send purchase orders to suppliers, track the status of those orders, and receive and process invoices once the goods or services have been delivered. This ensures the correct amounts are paid to suppliers and that an accurate record of their expenses is maintained. Additionally, Purchase Orders allow finance teams to set up approval workflows and customize their purchase order forms to fit the specific needs of their organization.

Create and send purchase orders to suppliers with ease.

Track the status of orders and receive and process invoices efficiently.

Improve the efficiency and accuracy of the purchasing process.

Key Features of Purchase Orders
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