Approval Workflow Automation

Create, assign, and manage approval requests in a fraction of the time. Automatically route requests to the right people for approval and get real-time notifications for faster decision-making. Track and audit approvals to ensure compliance and accuracy.

Set up rules to ensure compliance and maintain data accuracy. Automate and customize approval flows. Create custom notifications to ensure all stakeholders are aware of the process. Monitor the progress of requests and documents with real-time visibility. Establish rules and filters to ensure accuracy and compliance. Integrate with other systems to improve efficiency and accuracy.

With Approval Workflow Automation, finance teams can be sure that all the set up automated approval rules and notifications for certain transactions and processes, and ensure necessary approvals are taken care of in an efficient and organized manner.

Automate the entire process of routing, tracking, approving and rejecting documents.

Eliminate the need for manual review and approval of documents.

Reduce the time it takes to approve tasks from days to minutes.

Key Features of Approval Workflow Automation
with Deskera ERP.

Streamline Approval Processes

Automate employee and vendor requests, invoices and expenses with customizable approval workflows

Monitor and Track Progress

Easily monitor and track progress of all approvals in real-time

Reduce Risk

Automate the identification and management of risks associated with approvals

Eliminate Bottlenecks

Remove manual processes and eliminate bottlenecks to ensure accurate and timely approvals

Ensure Compliance

Set up rules and regulations to ensure compliance with internal and external policies

Automate Notifications

Automate notifications to stakeholders and key personnel to keep them informed of any changes and updates

Streamline Communication

Simplify communication and collaboration between employees, vendors and customers with integration of external communication tools

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Deskera Approval Workflow Automation