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Are you a Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who sell into the SMB/SME market? Join the Deskera Partner Program so your wallet feels as good as your heart.

Benefits to Your Customers

When you implement Deskera’s ERP and MRP solutions into your managed services portfolio, you help your customers save money, improve revenue, scale faster, and use fewer tools to manage their business.

The Deskera Managed Service Provider Program provides your customers with the following benefits:

Better Financial Control

Manage financial processes, from core accounting to budgeting, forecasting, bank reconciliations, financial period closing, and multi-entity accounting with ease. Easily set up automation, approval flows, access roles, and financial controls.

Fulfill Orders on Time

Manage multi-channel sales orders with ease. Fulfill directly, drop-ship, or pick-pack-ship. Track shipments and generate delivery notes, picklists, shipping and packing labels, bill of lading, and more. Track backorders and reserve stock to be utilized for order fulfillment.

Optimize HR Operations

Track employee records and performance, set up payroll and benefit plans, and automate attendance, leave & expense tracking. Ensure compliance with local and federal regulations. Reduce paperwork and minimize manual data entry.

Improve Topline Growth

Segment customer, prospects, and contact lists. Track opportunities and deals across pipelines. Manage sales teams and salesperson activities. Automate the flow of leads from qualification to closure. Run marketing campaigns and nurture leads via drip campaigns.

Reduce Inventory Costs

Track inventory levels and movements in real-time across multiple warehouses. Generate stock-level alerts when reaching critical low thresholds. Automate ordering and restocking processes to maintain optimal inventory levels.

Save money

Deskera is a multi-solution platform, providing an opportunity to consolidate business software into an integrated solution eliminating the need to subscribe to multiple-point solutions, thereby lowering recurring costs, streamlining procurement, and simplifying the software stack.

Why Partner with Us?

At Deskera, we are committed to establishing long-lasting partnerships that lead to sustainable growth for our resellers and OEMs.

Through the Managed Service Provider (MSP) Program, we offer partners an array of benefits, from improved revenue streams to increased customer satisfaction and greater business agility.

Our goal is to help our partners succeed by maximizing their profits and creating unmatched value for their clients by leveraging Deskera’ s services and offerings.

Stable, Recurring Revenue

Optimize your automobile production schedules by leveraging advanced planning capabilities in ERP software.

Sticky Product

Deskera provides SaaS ERP & MRP – which are inherently sticky products, with a customer lifetime of 7-10 years.

Huge Addressable Market

There are 32.5 million SMBs in the US, and over 500,000 SMB manufacturing companies. And everyone needs what Deskera has to offer.

Faster Time-to-Value

Channel partners can deploy Deskera’s services quickly, allowing them to hit the ground running and generate value for their customers and themselves.

Dedicated Account Manager

Channel partners will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will provide them with personalized support throughout their partner journey. This ensures partners get the most out of the program and maximize profits.

Access to Exclusive Resources

Channel partners will have access to exclusive resources, including marketing materials, detailed product walkthroughs, and information that can help partners position and market better.


Partners can access exclusive discounts on Deskera’s products and services and take advantage of various promotional opportunities to help increase revenue.

Training and Certification

Partners can take advantage of Deskera’s extensive training and certification programs to provide the best level of service.

What our Customers Say About Us

Whatever your business
size, Deskera enables you to
simplify operations across
business functions. Here's
what our customers say
about us.

At GoDo, we understand that managing our finances and customer relationships is essential for our success. Deskera has provided us with an easy to use and intuitive platform that has enabled us to access our financial data, track customer relationships, and manage our finances with ease. We have been able to streamline our processes, better manage our finances, and stay on top of our customer relationships. We highly recommend Deskera to any business that is looking to stay organized and efficient.

Wesley Wright

CEO, GoDo Life

We are extremely pleased with our decision to switch to Deskera and have seen a significant improvement in our business operations since making the switch. The sales process was smooth from start to finish and customer support at every step of the implementation was stellar. Highly recommend Deskera to those looking for a great ERP solution.

Wally Mears

CEO, The Jungle

We implemented Deskera's integrated platform to improve our procurement and inventory management processes to streamline our operations and improve efficiencies. I highly recommend their platform to any company looking to accelerate their growth.

Scott Phetsalod

Laboratory Manager

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