Pick, Pack, Ship

Quickly pick ordered items from stock, pack them into appropriate containers, and ship them to customers. Ensure accurate and efficient order shipments.

Pick, Pack, Ship is the optimal solution for streamlining order fulfillment. It enables efficient management of the entire order process from order placement to delivery. Quickly create shipping labels and pick lists with a single click, saving time and money. Automatically update inventory levels with every order processed, eliminating the need for manual stock counting. Track orders in real-time to ensure on-time delivery, and update customers with status updates and estimated delivery dates. Analyze order trends to make informed decisions about pricing, product availability and order fulfillment. Integrate with multiple shipping carriers to provide customers with the most cost-effective delivery options. Generate detailed financial reports to measure the performance of your order fulfillment process

Streamline Warehouse Management

Automate Shipping and Tracking

Improve Visibility

Enhance Customer Experience

Pick, Pack, Ship provides an integrated solution for managing inventory and order fulfillment, allowing businesses to maximize efficiency and reduce labor costs. It enables real-time tracking of inventory, orders and shipments, streamlining warehouse operations and improving customer satisfaction.

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Key Features of Pick, Pack, Ship
with Deskera ERP.

Track Inventory
Monitor inventory levels, view stock updates and manage stock levels in real-time
Automate Picking
Automatically select the right product and quantity for order fulfillment, reducing manual effort and errors
Streamline Packing
Create efficient packing processes with barcode scanning and automated packing slips
Simplify Shipping
Use integrated shipping solutions to select carriers, generate labels and track shipments
Monitor Performance
Track picking, packing and shipping performance to ensure orders are delivered on-time
Optimize Logistics
Optimize delivery routes and analyze logistics costs for cost-effective order fulfillment
Manage Returns
Streamline returns processes and track customer service inquiries to improve customer satisfaction
Generate Reports
Generate real-time reports to measure efficiency, monitor inventory levels and track shipments
Integrate Systems
Integrate with existing systems to access customer data and order information for streamlined order processing
Enhance Security
Leverage secure authentication and data encryption to protect customer data and confidential information
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