UOM Schema

Create uniformity in operational workflow. Easily convert between UOMs with the click of a button and configure UOMs at a granular level. Benefit from the flexibility of custom UOMs and achieve efficiency in all your business operations.

Get total control over product measurement units with this feature. Create, edit, and delete multiple UOMs and UOM conversion rates with ease. Assign UOMs to products and services to ensure accuracy in calculations and invoices. Track and monitor the stock levels of products and services accurately. Create, edit, delete multiple UOMs and UOM conversion rates, assign UOMs to products and services, and track and monitor stock levels accurately.

Improved Product Management

Enhanced Order Processing

Increased Data Accuracy

Enhanced Customer Service

Easily track products with multiple units of measure. Convert between units of measure in real-time. Maintain accurate inventory levels.

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Key Features of UOM Schema
with Deskera ERP.

Manage Multiple Units of Measure
Easily track products in various units of measureConvert between units of measure in real-time
Assign UOM to Products
Define the default unit of measure for each productSet up additional units of measure for each product
Maintain UOM Conversion Ratios
Set up conversion ratios between units of measureAutomatically convert quantities between units of measure
Track Inventory in Multiple UOM
Maintain accurate inventory levels in various units of measureEasily track inventory movements and locations
Fulfill Orders in Preferred UOM
Allow customers to place orders in their preferred unit of measureQuickly and accurately fulfill orders in the requested unit of measure
Generate Reports in Desired UOM
Choose the unit of measure for reportingEasily generate reports in the desired unit of measure
Set Up UOM Groups
Group units of measure by category or typeEasily convert between units within a group
Maintain UOM History
Track changes to units of measure over timeMaintain a complete history of unit of measure conversions
Enhance Data Accuracy
Avoid errors caused by incorrect unit of measure conversionsImprove the accuracy of inventory counts and forecasts
Improve Customer Service
Provide customers with the option to purchase products in their preferred unit of measureIncrease customer satisfaction by accurately fulfilling orders in the requested unit of measure
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Deskera UOM Schema