Inventory Reporting

Generate detailed, accurate inventory reports, easily keep track of stock levels, identify stock deficiencies, and monitor inventory movements with customizable report templates. Take the guesswork out of inventory management.

Gain real-time insights into your inventory, keep track of all inventory transactions, view inventory balance sheets, and get an in-depth analysis of inventory data. Identify areas of opportunity, optimize inventory management, and plan for future inventory needs.

Inventory Reporting is a great tool for factory and warehouse workers, enabling them to gain visibility into the inventory movements and stock levels in real-time, easily identify stock discrepancies, spot emerging trends, and track inventory across multiple warehouses. With accurate, up-to-date inventory reports, factory and warehouse workers can know exactly what's in stock and adjust operations accordingly.

Automate stock level tracking with Deskera's inventory reporting feature. Monitor stock levels across l warehouses and locations in real-time. Get accurate insights into stock levels with up-to-date reports.

Key Features of Inventory Reporting
with Deskera ERP.

Create Detailed Inventory Reports

Generate reports that provide in-depth insights into inventory levels, costs, and transactions

Track Stock Movements

Monitor the movement of stock in and out of inventory, including customer orders and transfers to other warehouses

Automate Reorder Points

Set reorder points to trigger the replenishment of inventory when stock levels reach a certain threshold

Monitor Stock Levels

Track stock levels across multiple locations and warehouses to ensure adequate inventory levels

Analyze Inventory Trends

Identify trends in inventory levels and costs to inform better decision-making

Monitor Stock Valuations

Track the value of stock over time to ensure accurate accounting and finance reporting

Generate Forecasting Reports

Forecast future inventory needs based on past trends and customer demand

Compare Actual vsProjected Stock Levels

Generate reports to compare actual stock levels with projected levels to identify discrepancies

Generate Stock Turnover Reports

Generate reports on stock turnover to identify areas of potential improvement

Monitor Stock Aging

Monitor stock aging to identify items that need to be cleared or liquidated

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Deskera Inventory Reporting