Inventory Analysis

Analyze inventory levels to optimize stock replenishment cycles. Leverage predictive analytics to anticipate demand and set reorder points. Streamline stock management with automated inventory reports.

Utilize ABC ranking to categorize items, optimize stock levels, and forecast demand. Calculate inventory turnover and days to sell to gain insights into how quickly stock is moving and how long it takes to sell. Use lead times to understand the time needed to replenish stock and optimize inventory levels. Monitor and analyze inventory performance to make more informed decisions.

ABC Ranking

Inventory Turnover

Days to Sell

Lead Times

Identify the most important items in inventory and prioritize resources accordingly. Analyze inventory based on demand and sales trends to focus on high-value items. Utilize the ABC ranking system to ensure that the most critical items are always in stock.

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Key Features of Inventory Analysis
with Deskera ERP.

Monitor Inventory Levels
Keep track of your current inventory levels and set reorder points to ensure you never run out of stock
Track Inventory Movements
Generate detailed reports on your inventory movements and get a complete overview of your stock at any given time
Set Reorder Points
Ensure that you always have the right amount of stock on hand by setting reorder points for each inventory item
Monitor Inventory Turnover Rate
Determine how quickly your inventory is being sold and how efficiently it is being managed
Track Inventory Value
Monitor the value of your inventory over time and make informed decisions about your stock
Improve Inventory Accuracy
Prioritize and monitor your inventory items based on their value and usage to improve the accuracy of your records
Optimize Inventory Turnover
Identify opportunities to reduce excess stock or increase demand for certain products and optimize your inventory turnover
Reduce Days to Sell
Track your inventory levels and predict future demand based on historical sales data to reduce the number of days it takes to sell your inventory
Improve Lead Times
Track your lead times and identify bottlenecks in your supply chain to improve your inventory planning and reduce the risk of running out of stock
Make Informed Decisions
Use real-time data and detailed reports to make informed decisions about your inventory management and business strategy
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Deskera Inventory Analysis