Bill of Materials

Breakdown products into component parts, visualize and track the creation process, and ensure the right parts are available and ordered in the right quantities. Create complex bills of materials with multiple levels of components, quickly analyze and modify product and component structure.

Easily track and manage raw materials, subassemblies and finished goods with an intuitive user interface. Get a better insight into complex production processes. Track production progress and efficiently manage multi-level bill of materials. Break down complex items into sub-assemblies, components and finished goods and access inventory levels in real-time. Ensure all components are available and up-to-date, and make sure your production process remains efficient and effective.

Reduced Inventory Costs

Improved Production Timelines

Streamlined Production Processes

Enhanced Quality Control

Accurate Cost Estimation

Enhance Visibility

Manage their inventory costs more efficiently by knowing exactly what components are needed for each product, and how many of each. Eliminate need to overstock components, reducing costs and wasted materials.

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Key Features of Bill of Materials
with Deskera ERP.

Create Multi Level Bill of Materials
Input individual components and link them to their respective parent items
Track Inventory Levels
Monitor inventory levels for each component and parent item
Manage Parent/Component Relationships
Assign, adjust, and delete parent/component relationships
Generate Reports
Generate summary and detailed reports for multi level bill of materials
View History
View and compare historical parent/component relationships
Customize Views
Customize views by sorting, filtering, and grouping bill of materials items
Set Alerts
Set alerts for low inventory levels or changes to parent/component relationships
Integrate with Other Systems
Integrate multi level bill of materials with other ERP software systems
Automate Processes
Automate bill of materials processes with workflows and notifications
Monitor Performance
Monitor performance of multi level bill of materials with analytics and dashboards
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Deskera Bill of Materials