Claims & Expense Management

Easily manage employee claims and expenses with comprehensive tracking and reporting capabilities. Automate reimbursements and ensure compliance with configurable rules and policies.

Make it easier to capture, approve, and track expenses and reimbursements in real-time. Automate the tracking of receipts and invoices with this feature. Ensure accuracy and transparency in claims and expenses with built-in validation and compliance. Easily create expense reports and generate comprehensive reports to keep track of all claims and expenses.
Save time and resources by eliminating paperwork and manual tracking. Keep track of employee spending and ensure that claims are within policy limits. Track the entire claims and expense life cycle from initiation to completion. Get real-time visibility into the status of claims and expenses.

Automate the process of submitting, approving and tracking claims and expenses.

Increase employee productivity and reduce administrative costs.

Improve data accuracy and enhance visibility into financial operations.

Key Features of Claims & Expense Management
with Deskera ERP.

Streamline Expense Submission

Simplify the expense submission process with easy-to-use forms and automated notifications

Track Expense Reimbursements

Monitor the progress of expense reimbursements from submission to payment

Manage Claims

Record, store, and review employee claims for accuracy and compliance

Simplify Approvals

Automate the approval process for expense claims and reimbursements with customizable workflows

Monitor Budgets

Track claims and reimbursements to ensure they align with the approved budget

Generate Reports

Generate reports to quickly review the status of claims and reimbursements

Integrate with Accounting Systems

Seamlessly integrate with accounting systems to ensure accuracy and reduce manual data entry

Automate Payment

Automatically generate payments for approved claims and reimbursements

Manage Documents

Securely store and manage expense receipts, invoices, and other documents

Access Anywhere

Access the system from any device to submit, review, and approve expenses and claims

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Deskera Claims & Expense Management