Attendance and Leave Management

Record employee attendance, request and manage leave applications, and set leave policies and entitlements. Monitor attendance and leave balance to ensure compliance and optimize workforce productivity.

Automate attendance tracking with more accurate and reliable attendance records to ensure compliance with labor regulations. Monitor staff attendance and leave status with real-time reports. Set up work schedule for employees and plan staff leaves in advance. Easily set up different attendance policies for different departments and make sure staff abide by the rules.

Manage employee shift rosters quickly and accurately to plan resources accordingly. Track employee attendance by setting up check-in and check-out rules to ensure punctuality. Generate leave reports and track leave balances for each employee for better records and planning. Grant employees access to apply for leaves and view their leave balance on the go with a self-service leave application system.

Streamline Attendance & Leave Tracking

Facilitate Absence Management

Enhance Employee Productivity

Improve Employee Satisfaction

Automate attendance and leave tracking with an efficient system.

Eliminate manual labor and keep accurate records of attendance and leave.

Save time, money, and resources with a fully integrated attendance and leave management system.

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Key Features of Attendance and Leave Management
with Deskera ERP.

Record Employee Attendance
Log employee attendance data accurately and quickly
Monitor Leave Usage
Track employee leave usage and hours worked
Automate Leave Requests
Automate the process of leave requests to streamline approvals
Set Leave Policies
Create company-specific leave policies and make sure they are enforced
Generate Reports
Generate reports on employee attendance and leave usage
Manage Overtime
Automatically calculate overtime and ensure compliance with labor laws
Send Alerts
Receive alerts when employees exceed their leave limits
Manage Sick Leaves
Track and manage sick leaves to ensure a healthy workplace
Integrate with Payroll
Integrate attendance and leave data with payroll to ensure accuracy
Mobile Access
Allow employees to access attendance and leave data on their mobile devices
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Deskera Attendance and Leave Management