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Deskera Books is a GST Ready Business Software. With the auto GST calculation feature, Deskera helps your business to comply with GST regulations, and accurate tax filing with inbuilt system generated reports.

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Make Your Business GST Registered Instantly
Do you want to make your business GST registered?

Don't Worry! Let Deskera Books do it for you. If you have registered for GST, you must fill in the 15 digits GSTIN number, the date the GST is registered, and the type of scheme applied to them.
Simple Adding Your Taxes
As per your business location and type, taxes apply to your businesses.

With Deskera Books, you can create the tax rates based on the goods and services that your business deals with.
Get Inbuilt HSN & SAC Codes For Goods and Services
Under GST, all products and services have an associated HSN and SAC code for allocating the correct GST rate. Deskera has all the codes inbuilt and will automatically apply the tax rates and cess.
Support for Special Economic Zones
Businesses located in Special Economic Zones (SEZ)) have special GST rules.

Let Deskera handle these for you. You need to let us know if you are located in an SEZ or doing business with someone in SEZ and Deskera handles the taxation.
Easily Handle Reverse Charge in Sales Transactions
Is your business eligible for reverse charge transactions?

We have you covered. Deskera Books allows easy reverse charge handling automatically and keeps you compliant.
Inbuilt Compliance for Composition Schemes
If you are a small business with an annual turnover of less than 1.5 crores, you fall under the Composition Scheme and can choose to pay GST at a fixed rate.

Deskera helps you with calculating and filing GST accurately if you are eligible for composition schemes.
Manage GST Details for All Your Contacts
Each business must collect a 15-digit GSTIN number and shipping address for all its customers and vendors for taxation and billing purposes.

With Deskera Books, you can organize your contacts and their GST details in one place so that you can access them easily.
Create E-way bill
Do you want your exports and imports to run smoothly?

An E-way bill is a solution to this. Deskera Books allows for easy and quick creation of E-way bills with just one click to transfer goods.
GST Compliant Invoicing
Did you know that in a GST compliant invoice, there are16 different pieces of information included? Before you file the return, the government uses the information on invoices to validate transactions.

No worries! Deskera Books enables capturing all details of both the seller and the customer. When an invoice is generated, the necessary information and corresponding GST rates get charged automatically.
Access All GST Reports Online
The GST includes 11 types of returns that the Government expects to be submitted by taxpayers. All businesses are expected to file GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B every month.

Deskera Books allows you to auto-generated GSTR1 and GSTR-3B tax reports in one click. It helps in an accurate filing with zero errors.
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Powerful India GST Features
✓ Automatic VAT calculation for invoices
✓ Pre-configured tax rates in the system
✓ Easy customization of tax rates for your business
✓ Deactivate taxes from the system if not in use
✓ Inbuilt HSN & SAC Codes For Goods and Services
✓ Register your business with GSTIN number and scheme type
✓ Generate E-way bill effortlessly
✓ Generate all tax reports based on accurate real-time data
✓ Helps to file your taxes on time with the accurate system-generated tax report
✓ Generate the report based on the date range you prefer
✓ Automate journal entries for inventory movement
✓ Export the tax reports in excel format
Boost your productivity
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GST?
The Goods and Services Tax, is a new tax levied on the sale and purchase of goods and services. Deskera Books helps businesses to meet their tax obligations with their regional regulatory bodies. The easy-to-use accounting software helps companies in hassle-free and accurate tax filing.
What are the different GST rates?
The GST is comprised of a four-tier tax structure, which includes a base rate of 5%, standard rates of 12%, 18% on most services, and a higher rate of 28%. The goods coming under the 28% tax bracket attracts additional cess on top of GST. Apart from this, about 50% of the consumer basket products, such as food grains, are zero-rated. Deskera Books takes care of all these taxes used for different business transactions.
What is the exemption limit in the GST?
Businesses in India that have a turnover revenue of 20 lakhs and above will have to register and file for GST returns. Businesses in the northeast and hill states with a turnover revenue of under 10 lakhs will be exempt from filing the GST.
What is GST Cess?
Cess means tax or levies those who have higher yield from their crop to pay more taxes to the government. In Deskera Books, when creating a product, input the compensation cess description for that particular product. Cess applies to interstate-sales, intrastate-sales, and import. It does not apply to any export of goods and services.
Who is liable to pay GST?
In the GST Regime, businesses whose turnover exceeds Rs. Forty lakhs* (Rs 10 lakhs for North East and hill states) must register as an average taxable person.

When creating an account with Deskera Books, you will have to fill in your business's respective address. Check if the company is required to register for GST. If you have registered for GST, you must fill in the 15 digits GSTIN number, the date the GST is registered, and the type of scheme applied to them. All the information filled in the fields has to be accurate.
How can I apply the HSN/SAC on Deskera Books?
When creating a product on Deskera, make sure that you select the product as taxable. Next, you will need to make sure that the products' HSN/SAC is entered accurately. Once you have entered the HSN/SAC code, the tax rate will be auto-populated based on the code you have input.
Can I generate an E-way bill in Deskera Books?
With Deskera Books you can create an e-way bill that will help in smooth transit of imports and export.
Can I Export GSTR 1 and GSTR-2 Reports in Deskera Books?
Yes. You can export the data in either Excel or E- Filing Excel and file the GST return via India's GST Portal using the report generated from our system.

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