Multi Book Accounting

Efficiently manage multiple books of accounts in one place, easily consolidate financials across sub-entities and quickly generate accurate financial reports with a unified view.

Create multiple sets of books for different departments or divisions. Track financials for multiple entities in one place. Streamline processes with up-to-date financial information. Easily reconcile accounts across multiple books. Generate comprehensive reports for each book. Maintain separate charts of accounts and track budgets. Setup customized journals and record entries across various books. Monitor financial performance with real-time insights. Automate inter-company transactions.

Support multiple accounting standards, such as IFRS, GAAP, or local regulations

Enable the creation and maintenance of separate accounting books within a single organization

Allow for easy switching between different accounting perspectives for reporting and analysis

Key Features of Multi Book Accounting
with Deskera ERP.

Maintain Multiple Sets of Books

Maintain multiple sets of accounting records within a single organization to cater to different accounting standards, reporting requirements, or management needs.

Comply with Diverse Regulations

Ensure compliance with various accounting standards, such as GAAP and IFRS, and meet local statutory requirements in different jurisdictions.

Generate Tailored Financial Reports

Produce different versions of financial reports and statements to serve specific purposes, such as local tax reporting or industry-specific regulations.

Provide Detailed Transaction-Level Reports

Generate transaction-level reports for individual accounting books to satisfy managerial reporting requirements and provide a detailed audit trail.

Automate Posting to Multiple Books

Create and apply different accounting rules for revenue recognition and expense amortization across multiple books.

Enable Book-Specific Adjustments

Make manual journal entries and intercompany adjustments for individual accounting books without affecting other books.

Ensure Data Integrity and Synchronization

Maintain data integrity by automatically synchronizing transactions and balances across different accounting books.

Support Financial Consolidation by Book

Run financial consolidation on a per-book basis, including access to features such as auto-elimination and consolidated reporting, for a comprehensive view of the organization's financial performance.

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Multi Book Accounting