Support Tickets

Create and assign tickets to the right people quickly and efficiently, and manage tickets from multiple sources in one place. Monitor the status of tickets and report on ticket lifecycles to optimize customer service processes.

Understand customer problems quickly, set priority levels, assign tasks, and track progress with ease. Automatically capture customer information, assign tickets to the right team members, and keep customers informed with updates. Utilize the power of analytics to gain insights and identify trends. Create custom views and filters to quickly locate and address tickets.

Teams can create tickets for customer service inquiries and assign them to relevant team members for resolution. Each ticket can be tracked and updated with details such as customer's name, contact information, issue description, resolution status and more. Additionally, customers can be kept updated on the progress of their ticket via automated notifications.

Automate the creation, assignment and tracking of tickets.

Track tickets from initiation to resolution in real-time.

Monitor progress of tickets and analyze trends over time.

Key Features of Support Tickets
with Deskera ERP.

Create Tickets

Easily create tickets to document and track customer service issues

View Tickets

Quickly view and review tickets to prioritize and manage customer service tasks

Assign Tickets

Assign tickets to staff and set deadlines to ensure customer service issues are resolved in a timely manner

Automate Ticketing

Streamline the ticketing process with automated rules and notifications

Update Tickets

Easily update ticket status to keep customers informed and track progress

Track Ticket History

Monitor the history of tickets to analyze trends and identify areas for improvements

Generate Reports

Generate reports to track customer service performance and gain insights

Customize Ticket Types

Create custom ticket types to suit specific customer service needs

Set SLAs

Establish Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to ensure customer service standards are met

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Deskera Support Tickets