Email Helpdesk

Easily manage customer queries with Email Helpdesk. Respond quickly to customer emails and track customer history with a single click. Automate email notifications and set up customer surveys for feedback to monitor customer satisfaction levels.

Track customer interactions in one place. Automate customer ticketing and simplify customer service. Create and manage customer tickets in the same platform, without switching between multiple applications. Monitor customer interactions and respond quickly to customer queries. Seamlessly integrate with existing email accounts to receive and respond to customer queries in real-time.

Automatically prioritize customer requests and assign tickets to the appropriate team. Track customer queries, prioritize customer requests, and manage customer tickets with ease. Easily find customer data and records with Deskera's powerful search. Monitor customer service performance and analyze customer trends with interactive dashboards.

Enable seamless communication between customers and employees.

Allow customers to submit tickets easily.

Automate notifications and reminders.

Key Features of Email Helpdesk
with Deskera ERP.

Create New Email Helpdesk Ticket

Describe the issue and submit the ticket to the helpdesk team

View Open Support Tickets

Check the status of any open support tickets and access associated documentation

Close Support Tickets

Mark a ticket as resolved once the customer's issue has been addressed

Assign Email Helpdesk Tickets

Assign tickets to the appropriate team members for resolution

Escalate Support Tickets

Route tickets to more senior personnel if the issue remains unresolved

Create Custom Email Templates

Create custom email templates to quickly respond to customer inquiries

Generate Email Helpdesk Reports

Generate reports to track ticket resolution times and customer satisfaction

Manage Team Performance

Monitor team performance and ensure tickets are being addressed in a timely manner

Set Ticket Priorities

Assign priority levels to tickets to ensure the most urgent cases are addressed first

Automate Support Processes

Automate processes to reduce manual work and improve customer response times

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Deskera Email Helpdesk