Customer Relationship Management

Your most important contacts managed.


Contacts and Cards


Plan your customer engagement.

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Operational Dashboard

Access your daily information here. Monitor and track the key performance indicators of your users. The data here is updated frequently and lets the user view it multiple times throughout the day.
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Analytical Dashboard

Aimed at strategic analysis, this dashboard lets users analyze a large volume of data and users to investigate business patterns, project outcomes, and discover new strategic initiatives to expand on.
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Strategic Dashboard

Aimed at executives, the strategic dashboard lets you track the key performance indicators (KPIs) of your users. You can interact with the dash to drill down to the information you need to make an informed decision.

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Dashboards are our most requested feature and we've delivered. Operational, analytical and strategic dashboards to visualize data to empower managers, analysts and personal improvement.

Customize your pipeline.


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You will be able to see the outstanding amount of any Bill. Indicate the Currency, Amount to be paid, and the Account used to deduct the Payment – Cash or Bank, or other Bank accounts created previously.

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