Contact Segmentation

Easily manage customer segments with contact segmentation. Create custom segments based on customer attributes and behaviors, and assign relevant marketing campaigns to each segment. Quickly and accurately identify customer needs and preferences, and communicate with them in a personalized manner.

Easily segment customers based on their demographics, preferences, and activity. Track customer lifecycle stages, such as leads, prospects, and customers. Automate segmentation rules to quickly generate targeted campaigns. Utilize segmentation to gain insight into customer behavior and trends. Monitor customer interactions across channels. Leverage segmentation to deliver personalized content. Utilize segmentation to create targeted campaigns for different customer segments. Take advantage of segmentation to identify high-value customers and target them for upselling. Make informed decisions using segment-level performance metrics. Easily analyze segment performance and track changes over time.

Maximize Lead Conversion

Enhance Customer Retention

Increase Operational Efficiency

Improve Data Analysis

Identify customer segments and target them with relevant offers to maximize conversion rates. Automate personalized campaigns to engage customers with the right message. Utilize data-driven insights to optimize customer segmentation and build effective marketing strategies.

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Key Features of Contact Segmentation
with Deskera ERP.

Automate Segmentation
Reduce manual effort and quickly create customer segments with automated segmentation
Manage Segment Data
Easily manage, store and access segment data for accurate segmentation
Target Segments
Leverage segmentation to target the right customers with the right message
Personalize Offers
Customize offers and promotions based on customer segmentation
Monitor Performance
Monitor performance of campaigns and segmentation strategies
Generate Reports
Generate reports to analyze customer segmentation performance and trends
Analyze Results
Analyze segmentation results to refine segmentation strategies
Optimize Segments
Optimize customer segments to maximize customer engagement and loyalty
Track Conversions
Track conversions and measure the impact of segmentation strategies
Track ROI
Measure the return on investment of segmentation strategies
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