By-product and Scrap Management

Manage by-products and scraps effectively with this feature to monitor and track their creation, storage, and usage. Keep track of the production of by-products and scraps with their associated costs and profits, and ensure that they are correctly accounted for in inventory. Monitor and track their use in production processes, or their sale as a finished product.

Manage your scrap and by-product materials more effectively with quick and accurate analysis and reporting. Monitor the production process and identify areas of improvement. Keep track of scrap and by-product materials in real-time, ensuring their accurate accounting. Take control of your production process and minimize wastage. Organize production processes and ensure compliance with environmental regulations. Reduce labor costs associated with manual scrap and by-product management. Measure KPIs and optimize production process performance. Improve the accuracy of inventory management.

Managers can track the production of by-products from raw materials and the scrap generated from production processes, keep a record of scrap amounts and the reasons why the scrap was generated, manage scrap rates and optimize production, and analyze the scrap generated and identify opportunities for improvement.

Identify, track and analyze inventory of by-products and scrap materials to ensure optimal inventory levels. Utilize automated processes to consistently monitor inventory levels and ensure efficient utilization of resources. Facilitate quick identification of overstocked or understocked items.

Key Features of By-product and Scrap Management
with Deskera ERP.

Track By-Product and Scrap

Monitor production output to stay up-to-date on any by-products and scrap generated

Monitor Waste Streams

Establish procedures to document and track all waste streams throughout the production process

Utilize Waste Reduction Strategies

Implement strategies to reduce by-product and scrap waste and increase efficiency

Manage Disposal

Create and maintain a system for the safe and efficient disposal of by-product and scrap

Calculate Scrap Percentages

Develop a system for calculating and monitoring scrap percentages over time

Track Costs

Develop a system for tracking costs associated with by-product and scrap waste

Optimize Production Processes

Analyze production processes to identify and address the root cause of by-product and scrap

Automate Reporting

Create automated reports to track production output, by-product and scrap levels, and associated costs

Reuse & Recycle

Develop procedures to safely reuse and recycle by-product and scrap materials

Monitor Quality

Establish procedures to monitor the quality of by-product and scrap materials

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Deskera By-product and Scrap Management