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Quick & Easy IRP Setup

The setup for generating e-invoices is lightning fast. To enable e-invoicing for your business, you just need to hit a toggle button and opt-in for e-invoicing with your IRP credentials. That’s it.

Deskera automatically fetches your IRN details from the portal and populates them in the invoices. GST reports also reflect it in the Deskera system.

Know E-Invoice Status At a Glance

The invoice dashboard has a column dedicated to E-invoice status where the status could be Pending, Failed, Generated, or Cancelled.

The feature lets you quickly identify which of your e-invoices need attention. For ex - you can generate e-invoices in bulk by selecting all the invoices with the status “Pending.”

Generate E-Invoice in 1-Click

Once your IRP account is connected and e-invoicing is enabled, you will see a “Generate E-invoice” button against your invoices.

Once you click it, it converts your regular invoices into e-invoices and automatically adds details such as IRN and Acknowledgement numbers.

Ensure Error-free E-Invoicing

Deskera validates your invoices and identifies any violations, errors, or missing mandatory fields by checking your data ahead of time.

Whether it is an incorrect GSTIN or HSN Code, your submission goes through many data validations built in the Deskera system to give you a smooth and error-free experience.

100+ Free Invoice Templates

Impress your customers with attractive and creative invoices. Choose from 100+ free invoice templates or create your invoice templates from scratch to fit your brand.

Speed up your invoice creation by personalizing our free invoice templates.

Add your company logo, personalize the free invoice template, and create tailored invoices within seconds.

Send Invoices Automatically

Configure recurring invoices and schedule them to be sent automatically on specific dates to your customers with the payment link. All payments are updated automatically, and accounting records are updated when the payment is made.

Setup Invoice Payment Reminders

Reduce late payments by setting up auto-reminders for outstanding and due invoices to your customers. Just set the rules, and Deskera will follow up for you on. And as soon as the payment is recorded, the follow-ups stop.

GST-Ready Invoices

Generate GST invoices, auto-calculate tax liabilities, and electronically file tax returns.

Under GST, all products and services have an associated HSN and SAC code for allocating the correct GST rate. Deskera has all the codes inbuilt and will automatically apply the tax rates and cess.

You can easily file GST Returns via the government’s GST Portal with the reports generated from Deskera.

Accept Invoice Payments Online

Collect invoice payments faster from anywhere in the world. Give your customers all payment options, including cards, wallets, UPI, and even bitcoin.

Deskera makes it easy to collect invoice payments with built-in support for Cashfree, PayTM, Razorpay, Stripe, Paypal, Wise, Veem, etc.

Not Just Invoicing, Automate Complete Accounting

Automate all accounting tasks on the cloud, including invoicing, billing, expenses, payments, reporting, and more.

We have automated countless business processes which used to take hundreds of hours before. Don’t rely on manual work. Become super-efficient.
Satisfaction. Delivered
Satisfaction. Delivered
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Unlimited invoices and bills
Create recurring invoices
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Multi Currency
Invite your accountant
Add free users
Email & chat support
Access to Helpcentre & Deskera Academy
A powerful solution for advanced users! Use custom fields to track data and create reports.
per user, per month
Unlimited invoices and bills
Create recurring invoices
Collect payment online
Connect your bank
Multi Currency
Add your own custom fields
Get complete inventory management
Invite your accountant
Add free users
Email & chat support
Access to Helpcentre & Deskera Academy
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✓ Ensure error-free e-invoicing
✓ Generate bulk e-invoices
✓ Recurring e-invoices & payment reminders
✓ 100+ free invoice templates for your business
✓ Accept invoice payments
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to fill in the details after the scan?
Most of the details will be auto-filled, which you can directly review and submit. You can also edit or add more information to the expense transaction.
Can I generate financial reports for specific projects with assigned expenses?
Yes, definitely. You can use custom fields to categorize your projects and generate reports accordingly.
Can I add multiple utility expenses on a single direct expense and then change each description to specify that specific utility expense?
You can use the Direct Expense transaction to add multiple line items, each of which can be a different expense category.
How do I integrate or sync expense claims on Deskera people to Deskera books?
Currently, you will need to post a Journal or Expense Entry for the same in Books manually. But with the upcoming features, the direct sync would also work.
Do Stripe, Paypal, and Wise integration import all transactions into Deskera?
Currently, the behavior of Deskera with these payments Apps is such that the Invoice first needs to be made in Deskera, then it gets visible in Stripe or Paypal. You can then share the app’s payment link with the client over email. Once the client makes a payment by clicking on the link, the same gets captured.
Can I upload screenshots on Deskera mobile app when creating direct expenses?
Option to add attachments with Direct Expense is currently available only on the Web Application.
Do Deskera Books have the ability to auto-categorize expense transactions?
Yes, we do have the option of defining Bank Rules that help automate the process of expense categorization.

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