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  • End-to-End Accounting: From Invoicing, to Receipts, to Bills and Purchase Orders, to Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Bank, Cash and Comprehensive Reports and more
  • End-to-End Inventory Management: Serial & Batch Number, Bill-of-Material, Stock Adjustments & Transfer, Pick-Pack-Ship, Dropship & Warehousing with Multi-Warehouses & more
  • Advanced Bank Integration: Connect to more than 10,000 Banks globally and sync your bank-book – no need for manual entries
  • Advanced Accounting: Expenses, Deposits, Advanced Template based WYSIWYG Document Designer, Multi-Currency, Multi-Company, General Ledger, Journal Entry, Subscription, Custom Fields & Attributes, Auditor Interface for Auditors & Book-keepers & more
  • Report Engine: Complete Reporting Engine for Comprehensive Reports – integrated with CRM and Payroll


  • End-to-End CRM: Deal Management, Contact Management, Pipelines, Activities, Track Sales Activities, Track all sales-conversations in one place, Email integration
  • Marketing CRM: Email Campaigns, Custom Email Templates, Segments, Scheduling, Form-to-Deal
  • Helpdesk & Support: Helpdesk, Microsites with CNAMES, Support Tickets
  • Integration: Integration with over 5000 applications via Zapier, Pabbly and Integrrately. Native Integration with Office365 Email


  • People Management: Employee database
  • Payroll Management: Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Twice a Month, and Monthly Payroll
  • Leave & timeoff: Leave Policies, Leave Rules, Apply & Approve Leaves, Time-Off
  • Expense: OCR, Expense Submission and Approval

Manage accounting, inventory, invoicing, payroll, sales, and HR all-in-one from desktop and mobile

Alternative to: Zoho, Quickbooks, Xero, and Zendesk

Run email campaigns, customize a sales pipeline, set up a helpdesk, and use a built-in CRM for great customer interactions

Best for: Bookkeepers, sales teams, and marketers looking to simplify and automate business processes from a single platform


Need advanced features and custom reporting with powerful, off the shelf tools? Contact us to get tailor-made plans best suited for your organization.

Make Your Data More Meaningful with Custom Fields

Just $149 per year

Track Project Profit Margin with Custom Fields

Just $149 per year

Categorize Your Products by Custom Fields

Just $149 per year

Classify Your Contacts by Custom Fields

Just $149 per year

Capture Additional Information in Transactions

Just $149 per year

Filter Reports the Way You Want

Just $149 per year

Configure Custom Fields with Ease

Just $149 per year

Map Data with Custom Fields

Just $149 per year

Filter Data Through Custom Fields

Just $149 per year

Capture Additional Information for Printout

Just $149 per year

Easy-to-use Custom Fields

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Just $149 per year


What is the custom field?

A custom field is an additional field created by the user to capture extra information and unique attributes of the data and it can vary largely depends on the nature of the business. Custom fields will complement system default fields to provide users a more insightful and customized database.

What types of custom fields can I create?

You can create three types of custom fields in Deskera Books: Number, Text, and Dropdown. You can define the decimal precision for Number, configure the max length for Text, and add values for the Dropdown.

How will custom fields help me in reporting?

You can generate all financial reports based on your custom fields and focus on a specific dimension to gain more insightful knowledge. Moreover, you can analyze reports from different custom field values to assess your company performance and make informed business decisions.

Can I add a custom field to my invoices?

Yes, you can create custom fields in invoice and various other modules such as quotation, order, bill, contact, product, account, and journal entry. After you have created the custom field, you can map a new or existing invoice to the defined custom field.

Where can I add a custom field in Deskera Books?

You can access the custom field by going to Settings > Custom Fields.

Does my plan include custom fields?

Custom fields are only available for Professional Plan.

Can I set a custom field to be mandatory?

Yes, you can set a custom field to be mandatory on the selected modules. The user will be required to enter the value for the mandatory custom field before they can save the data.

Can I add a default value for a custom field?

Yes, you can add a default value for a custom field. The default value is compulsory a mandatory custom field.

How can I filter a report with a custom field of my choice?

You can click on 'Filter' and select the custom field on the right-hand side. Next, you can enter the value that you want to filter your reports on and click on 'Apply'.

Can I filter my profit and loss statement with custom fields?

Yes, you can generate your profit and loss statement and all other financial reports based on defined custom fields. You can click on 'Filter' and select the custom field on the right-hand side. Next, you can enter the value that you want to filter your reports on and click on 'Apply'.

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You will be able to see the outstanding amount of any Bill. Indicate the Currency, Amount to be paid, and the Account used to deduct the Payment – Cash or Bank, or other Bank accounts created previously.

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