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The quotation process doesn't have to be difficult. Effortlessly create and manage quotes in a few clicks.

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Quotes Made Easy
Select the contact, product, quantity, and price. Click Save. You have created your quote. Then create an email in the system. Preview your quote. If everything looks correct, press send. It's that simple.
Know the Quote Status at a Glance
Keep tabs on the progress of your product delivery with statuses for Fulfilled, Partial, and Unfulfilled. Stay informed and make the right decision.
Multicurrency Quotes, No Problem
You can select and update the quote currency to what you require. Once updated, the price of the product will automatically be changed based on the exchange rate. You can default the customer currency so that you do not need to input it every time. You can activate or deactivate the currencies. Only see what you require.
Easily Convert Your Quote into an Invoice
Create invoices directly from the quote. In a click, the system will convert your quote into an invoice, automatically recording into your accounts receivable. Will save you time and avoid errors.
Delivery You Quotes the Way You Want
When you want to deliver your quote, based on the business, you want to have options. We give those options. You can send out the product directly, you can use the drop ship method, or you can pick, pack, and ship your products. The choice is yours.
Create Quotes on the Go
You no longer need to call someone or go back to the office to create a Quote. Create a Quote directly from your mobile phone, saving you time and effort.
Know What They Owe You
You can see what the customer owes you and what you own them from the contacts screen. You can also see a summary and a detailed view of your age receivables, which can help you in deciding on whether or not to offer them a quote or requesting the customer to make payment.
See Your Sales at a Glance
On the dashboard, you can see the amount paid, outstanding, due soon, and overdue. Filter out by different periods. If everything looks correct, then great, but if anything looks weird, you can drill down by clicking view invoices.
Easily Change the Quotation Templates
You can easily create your quotation template by downloading our template, making changes to it in Word, and reuploading it. Our field place holder will populate the data. We give you the flexibility of Word to design your template but the control to make sure the data is the same as the system.
Connect Your Applications Easily
Deskera allows you to easily connect your existing applications via Zapier in a matter of minutes. Connect to over 2000+ existing applications and automate your entire workflow.If you want to automate using an application not available on Zapier, check out our App Store or use Deskera APIs.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create Quotations on the go?
Yes, Deskera mobile app lets you create a quotation on the go. Click the links below for more info. Creating Quotation in mobile app
Can I customize the look and feel of quotation templates?
Yes, Deskera Books lets you customize the look and feel of the quotation template with the document designer feature. Click the link below for more info.How to use document designer.
Can I email my quotation to my customer?
You can email the quotation to your customer.
Can I convert a quotation to a invoice in Deskera Books?
Yes, you can convert a quotation to an invoice in Deskera Books.

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