Shift Management

Manage shifts with ease and accuracy - assign duties, set shift schedules and track employee hours with ease. Monitor employee performance and availability with an easy-to-use dashboard.

Track working hours, manage shift changes, increase efficiency, and ensure labor compliance with ease. Have an oversight of who is working and when they are working. View labor costs in real-time and gain insights into labor trends. Schedule shifts in advance to ensure adequate staffing levels. Evaluate employee's performance with automated shift reports. Receive notifications regarding shift changes, schedule conflicts, and other important updates. Allow employees to request shift changes, view their schedules, and submit timesheets.

Optimize Employee Scheduling

Increase Productivity

Improve Visibility

Manage Employee Compliance

Utilize automated scheduling tools to create efficient employee rosters.

Reduce administrative burden from manually entering shifts and timesheets.

Ensure that shift rotations are consistently followed.

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Key Features of Shift Management
with Deskera ERP.

Optimize Shift Scheduling
Quickly assign and manage employee shifts to keep operations running smoothly
Automate Employee Rostering
Automate scheduling, tracking and rostering to ensure shifts are filled as needed
Automate Time-Off Tracking
Easily manage and track employee time-off requests to ensure accurate payroll processing
Automate Shift Swaps
Allow employees to easily swap shifts and request shift coverage when needed
Manage On-Call Shifts
Automatically assign and manage on-call shifts for employee availability
Monitor Overtime
Monitor and adjust employee overtime to ensure compliance with labor laws
Track Employee Attendance
Record and track employee attendance to ensure accurate payroll processing
Monitor Contractor Hours
Manage contractor hours and ensure payment accuracy with an automated system
Generate Reports
Create and generate reports on employee hours, shift patterns, and time-off requests
Create Schedules
Create and manage employee schedules to ensure efficient shift management
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Deskera Shift Management