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Deskera HRIS
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Deskera HRIS for small business owners and startups

Generate payroll and payslips in a matter of minutes with Deskera HRIS.
Deskera HRIS 3 Steps Payroll
3 Steps Payroll
Deskera HRIS Ad Hoc Payroll
Ad Hoc Payroll
Deskera HRIS Compliance
Deskera HRIS Employee/Contractor Management
Employee/Contractor Management
Deskera HRIS Time-Off/Leave Management
Time-Off/Leave Management
Deskera HRIS Expense Management
Expense Management
Deskera HRIS Handle Contractors
Handle Contractors
Deskera HRIS Flexible Pay Schedules
Flexible Pay Schedules
Deskera HRIS Dashboard

Process your payroll in 3 steps with Deskera HRIS

Managing Payroll shouldn't be a task that causes fear. It can be complex to manage all the variables, that's why we designed Deskera Payroll to be an easy 3 step process: Add employees, select the amount, and pay them.
Deskera People Process Payroll in 3 steps

Just $149 per year