Role Based Access Control

Enable secure access to data and applications with Role Based Access Control. Assign different levels of access to users based on their roles, and control the type of data and applications they can access. Ensure your data remains secure and that users can only access the information they are authorized to view.

Establish a secure organizational structure with automated rules-based access authorization. Grant users access to specific modules and functions based on their role, and assign or revoke access with a few clicks. Monitor user activity with detailed audit logs and set up user groups and roles for easy administration. Securely store confidential data, and ensure that only the right users can view or modify it. Make sure that data is always secure.

Deskera ERP’s Role Based Access Control (RBAC) is a powerful tool for administrators to manage user access and permissions within the system. Administrators can define roles and assign access rights to each role, allowing them to easily control user access to specific areas and functions. For example, administrators can create a “Supervisor” role that has access to all areas of the ERP system, or a “Customer Service” role that only has access to the customer service module. This way, administrators can ensure that users have the right level of access for their job duties, while also preventing unauthorized access. Additionally, administrators can use RBAC to quickly adjust roles and permissions when users change roles or need access to a different area of the ERP system. This allows administrators to quickly and easily manage user access without having to manually adjust each user’s permissions.

Better Access Management

Improve Operational Efficiency

Increase Data Security

Enhance Compliance

Ensure access to critical business data is managed in a secure and efficient manner. Mitigate the risk of unwanted access and unauthorized activity. Automate user access management and ensure data privacy is maintained.

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Key Features of Role Based Access Control
with Deskera ERP.

Establish Access Level Permissions
Define access level permissions and roles across the enterprise ERP system
Set User Access Rights
Configure user access rights to ensure data security and protect sensitive information
Create User Groups
Create user groups to regulate access to corporate resources and applications
Assign Roles and Permissions
Assign roles and permissions to users and user groups to control data access
Manage Permission Sets
Manage permission sets for each user and user group to ensure appropriate access to data
Monitor Access Activity
Monitor user activity to detect any unauthorized access to corporate data
Establish Authentication Process
Establish authentication process to verify user credentials and grant access to corporate data
Implement Security Policies
Implement security policies to protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access
Review Access Rights
Regularly review user access rights to ensure that access is granted to appropriate personnel only
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Deskera Role Based Access Control